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For the first time, Les Assises proposed a startup space with 8 companies representing the dynamism of the sector.

8 startups have been selected to present the business forum.

These startups have also pitched to present to their technology solutions.

Discover the startups: 


Allentis provides a complete threat detection solution including traffic replication architecture and detection probes: TAPs TAPs TAPICS boxes and aggregators, QE-SECURE detection probe. This end-to-end supply provides the best technical operating assurance.

The TAPICS replication device offers the highest performance on the market: latency and minimum turnaround time.

The QE-SECURE threat detection system allows optimal analysis by surveillance teams, even in the absence of an associated SIEM. Thanks to powerful and fast filtering capabilities, incident data can be viewed instantly, avoiding long minutes of searching.

Allentis provides its customers with specialists who master all aspects of the detection chain.


We detect data leaks others don't. Where's your cybersecurity blind spot? 

Every day, CybelAngel detects one billion sensitive documents in free access on the Internet. They can concern R&D projects, customer databases, information relating to a company's business strategy or IT networks. CybelAngel locates this information as soon as it becomes available and alerts its customers before malicious exploitation can occur. The CybelAngel solution protects many groups from the consequences of data leaks from their suppliers over which they have no direct control.


Innovations for cybersecurity & privacy, third-party risk.

Innovative software solutions:

  • BookMyData: privacy compliance management (RGPD, CCPA, ISO 27701, ...)
  • PERIDIAG: risk assessment and management (contractors, subsidiaries, suppliers, projects).

Expert services:

  • Certifications of ANSSI and CNIL
  • Unique Combined Expertise in Cyber Security and Privacy (RGPD)
  • Outsourcing of the DPO and CISO function
  • Cybersecurity & privacy by design
  • Complex intrusion tests (AS / 400, SAP, internal, IoT, Red Team, ...)


HarfangLab develops EDiR, an intuitive software, to accelerate the detection, investigation and neutralization of cyber attacks on computer terminals and servers.

  • Qualiy faster alerts thanks to our advanced investigation functions
  • Have simultaneous remediation capability on all infected workstations
  • Increase the productivity of your teams with our open and collaborative platform
  • Deploy, without impact on your business, a scalable architecture adapted to your needs


ReachFive offers an enterprise SaaS Identity and Client Access Management (CIAM) platform, designed with a modern vision of the customer experience - omnichannel, disintermediated, reliable, practical and controlled. Its technology can be deployed on any cloud, on an international scale, and can be quickly integrated via APIs, accelerating the digital transformation of companies. Leaders from all industries such as Micromania, the Etam Group, the Hachette Group, Monoprix and ENGIE rely on ReachFive to increase customer value tenfold and improve the performance of marketing, sales and customer service programs.


Seclab delivers products that enables interconnecting networks with different risk patterns in order to allow exchange of information (program, file) from and/or to a system part of a business critical process.

  •  Three patents filed in 19 zones/countries including Europe, USA and Russia.
  • Benefit from bidirectional or unidirectional exchanges according to your needs.
  • Use the same trusted technology to secure your network and USB exchanges.


Publisher of the eGambit cyber defensive arsenal platform.

eGambit is an automated cyber defensive arsenal, security by design, compliant with the RGPD. Its EDR protects systems: unknown viruses, ransomware, stealth attacks.

Its SIEM monitors logs: without EPS limits and with hundreds of integrated correlations. Its HONEYPOTS add computer lures to the networks.
Its CTI capitalizes everything in a global database qualified as threats, sandboxes, AI, viral behavior.
The SOC provides cybersurveillance (incidents, vulnerabilities) live with the unified eGambit console.


French cybersecurity company specialising in the identification of risks related to exposure on the Internet.

With the rise of digital technologies, we are all concerned about the exposure of our companies' assets, which makes it difficult to control our technical exposure on the Internet.

An online and stand-alone solution, WEAKSPOT maps all the resources exposed seen by an attacker and measures the associated risk by comparing this exposure to international standards and the company's security recommendations. Thanks to its use, you will have the necessary visibility and focus to close the gap between cyber exposure and the modern attack surface. Our promise: To help CISOs and CIOs assess their risk area and inventory the technical resources exposed while applying their ISSP, without having to expand their toolbox. With WEAKSPOT, save analysis time so that your teams can focus on the most important thing: dealing with risk.