Les Assises 2019 Round Tables

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Wednesday, October 9 at 5:00pm

What are the impacts of 5G on security?

5G is an important topic of discussion these days, with political, financial, technical, but also security implications. Many people warn of risks to national sovereignty, to the point of attempting to exclude a major sector player. Others are concerned about the network architecture that would block investigation operations conducted by intelligence services and the police. But what is really at stake? What are the risks of this technology that is expected to be "disruptive"? And how can companies prepare for them? This round table will provide an opportunity to hear 5G experts discuss these security issues and clear up the confusion.


  • Florence Puybareau, Content and Communications Director, DG Consultants


  • Julien Nocetti, Researcher at IFRI
  • Teodor Chabin, Consultant

Business data, industrial data: what are the issues? How to value them while guaranteeing their safety?

The fourth industrial revolution, that of Industry 4.0, is well underway: digitization of factories, exposure of data to the outside, explosion of IoT, etc. In other sectors, such as the supermarket sector for example, there is also a data-driven strategy based on data analysis and prediction, based more and more on real time. Data becomes the nerve of corporate warfare and is now a strong differentiator in increasingly competitive contexts.
At all levels, data production is exploding as its collection, storage and processing costs collapse. The decisions of any economic actor tend to be based on these data which are constantly enriched with customer, industrial, financial, etc. data. Trades are beginning to understand that removing silos between trades and pooling their data can create even more value for the business.
But how to guarantee their security and that of the company, faced with an increasing data exposure, a need for business agility, an increasingly short time-to-market and an increased use of cloud hosting (with their treatment capacity)?
Their security is all the more necessary as their use has become essential for the company as can be seen with the number of Big Data projects such as data-lakes deployments for example. They are also increasingly exposed with the need to communicate the industrial world with the world of management, breaking their historical partitioning.
This round table will be an opportunity for an exchange between SSI experts and business experts on these issues.

Moderator: Loïs Samain, Deputy Group CISO, EDF RENOUVELABLES


  • Fabrice Bru, Groupment Cybersecurity Director, STIME / GROUPEMENT DES MOUSQUETAIRE
  • Sabrine Guiheneuf, CISO, UNIBAIL - RODAMCO - WESTFIELD
  • Christophe Massis, Data Analytics Production Director, EDF

Undersea cables for Internet: A major strategic challenge

Over 95% of the world’s information flow currently travels through undersea cables. A full 450 cables have been laid by telecoms operators and more and more often by GAFAM who control 50% of market share. So, it’s clear that the security and protection of this underwater heritage are crucial.

Moderator: Jérôme Saiz, Consultant Opfor Intelligence

  • General Didier TISSEYRE, OG COMCYBER, French Army Ministry
  • Garance Mathias, lawyer at the Paris Bar, Cabinet Mathias
  • Raphaël MARICHEZ, Head of Department, DINSIC

Cyber insurance: Which models for which policies?

More and more companies are taking out insurance to cover damage caused by cyberattacks. However, recent examples (Mondelez-Zurich, etc.) show that the market is not yet mature and that the parties (insurers-brokers/companies) may have difficulty agreeing or even understanding each other. This round table will examine how insurers model cyber risk in a very "new" sector with still little quantitative data. It will also examine the scope of cyber policies and how insurers can assist their clients in this area.

Moderator: Cécile Desjardins, Journaliste


  • Thierry Auger, Deputy CIO & CISO
  • Jean Bayon de la Tour, Cyber Development Leader, Marsh
  • Philippe Cotelle, Head of Insurance Risk Management, Airbus Defence and Space
  • Sébastien Heon, Deputy Chief Underwriting Officer, SCOR

GDPR: What have companies done, 18 months on?

More than a year after the entry into application of the European regulation, several companies look back on its implementation and the difficulties they have encountered. How did they move from a project to a process? How did they find a balance between business projects and compliance?


  • Mélanie Benard-Crozat, Rédactrice en chef, S&D MAGAZINE


  • Nadine Chaussier, AXA France
  • Jérôme Consigny, CSO AXA France
  • Jérôme Semik, Director of Risks and Internal Control, DPO Lagardère
  • Laurence Thomazeau, CISO, DPO, Air Liquide

Clusif Round Table: Office 365 Risk Analysis

Many companies have made the choice to transform the way they work by subscribing to Microsoft's Office365 offering, and security has generally been considered in these transformation projects. For companies that have completed this project phase, the security issues are more focused on taking security into account in the recurring transactions around Office365 and monitoring the changes made by Microsoft on its offer. The aim of this round table is to share experience on the best practices to apply, on the risks to be taken into account and the measures to be implemented in organizations and processes, as well as the tools or solutions to look at according to the stakes. and constraints of each.


  • Henri Codron, Clusif Vice-president


  • Jean-Marc BOURSAT, Group Enterprise CyberSecurity Officer, TOTAL
  • Gérard LEYMARIE, Group CISO, ELIOR

Friday, October 11 at 2:00pm

Financing cybersecurity in France

In France, numerous start-ups are moving into the niche of cybersecurity, and more and more investors are helping them do it. However, after the launch stage, how can these start-ups continue to pair innovation, which is indispensable for their growth, and investment, which they also need for their sustainability? This round table brings together CEOs of start-ups, Business Angels, a representative of an investment fund and of the BPI.

Moderator: Emmanuel Gras, CEO, Alsid


  • Sébastien Montusclat, Digital Sector Manager, Bpifrance
  • Patrick Ragaru, Business angel
  • Jonathan Userovici, Investment Manager, Idinvest Partners

Health: How to secure a hyper exposed sector?

The health sector is especially exposed to the risk of potentially dramatic cyberattacks, as seen in the past. Furthermore, the development of e-health (which offers great promise) will lead to a broader attack surface. So, how can we protect ourselves in this context? How can we protect medical equipment and patient data?

Moderator: Philippe Loudenot, FFSI Ministry of Social Affairs


  • Charles Blanc-Rolin, CISO and DPO of GHT 15
  • Jean-François Parguet, CTO, ASIP SANTE

Cybersecurity Strategy in a Multi-Cloud World: Impossible Mission?
Many companies are resolutely migrating their information systems to the cloud or building their new applications, often to support digital transformation programs. We should also talk about clouds or multi-clouds, because companies diversify their providers for reasons of resilience and risk distribution, but also because Saas offers rely on different public clouds. This major change in information systems brings new risks not only in terms of technology, but also in terms of responsibilities, processes, roles and skills. New strategies need to be put in place to address these risks. They will define, in particular, contractual requirements, governance models, reference architectures, identity management rules and resources and monitoring methods. It is also necessary to specify how to move serenely towards these models, how to manage the transition, how to train teams so that these new environments are implemented with security by design. Several CISOs from CESIN will discuss their feedback on this subject.


  • Alain Bouillé, VP Cesin


  • Fabien Malbranque, FSSI, Ministries of Solidarity & Health
  • Elisabeth Canat, CISO, LCL Group
  • Gilles Berthelot, CISO, SNCF Group