11 October – 9.00am Keynote FORESCOUT

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Mike DeCesare, Chief Executive Officer and President

Digital Transformation, driving organizations to rethink their security strategy

Organizations face an explosive growth of devices, causing a huge visibility gap. By 2020, there will be 29 billion connected devices. Thousands of new devices come into the workplace, connected “things” are now pervasive in critical infrastructure systems. Data centers move to the cloud, knowing what is on a hybrid data center network is a challenge. Everything is connected. Attackers only need one entry point to cause havoc such as business disruptions, hijacked data or revenue losses. In this session, we will discuss the trends that drive “the invisibility of things” and associated risks.


Who is Mike DeCesare?

With more than 25 years of industry experience, including serving as President of Intel Security and Executive Vice President of Worldwide Sales at McAfee, Michael is leading the cybersecurity charge as Chief Executive Officer, President and Board of Directors member of ForeScout. Michael earned a bachelor of arts degree from Villanova University.

Twitter: @MikeDeCesare