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Let's go back on Les Assises 2019 programme

Wednesday 9 October

Beginning 9.00am: Partner installation at the Grimaldi Forum

11.30am: Opening Conference followed by the award of The Grand Prix des RSSI 

1.00pm: Welcome cocktails at the Grimaldi Forum 

2.00pm-7.00pm: Forum and One-to-One 

3.00pm-7.00pm : Workshops 

5.00pm-5.45pm : Expert's roundtables

6.00pm: Keynote McAfee with Candace Worley, Vice President and Chief Technical Strategist

8.30pm: Cocktails and dinner at The Méridien Beach Plaza

Thursday 10 October

9.00am: Keynote VMware with Rajiv Ramaswami, Chief Operating Officer, Products and Cloud Services

9.00am-7.00pm: Forum, workshops, One-to-One meetings 

12.30pm: Lunch at Grimaldi Forum with CYBEREASON

6.00pm: Plenary conference with Matthieu Tordeur, Adventurer, member of the Society of French Explorers (SEF) & award of the Innovation Prize to the startup MOABI

8.30pm: Cocktails and dinner at the Monte-Carlo Bay

Friday 11 October

9.00am:Keynote PROOFPOINT with Ryan Kalember, Senior Vice President Executive

9.00am-5.00pm: Forum, workshops, One-to-One 

12.30pm: Lunch at Grimaldi Forum 

2.00pm-2.45pm: Expert's roundtables

3.00pm-3.30pm: Keynote Atos with Coralie Héritier, CEO IDnomic and Alexis Caurette, Vice-president Atos Cybersecurity

3.30pm-5.00pm: Startups elevator pitches

5.00pm: Forum breakdown

8.30pm: Gala dinner at the Sporting with METSYS

Saturday 12 October 

11.00am-3.00pm: Brunch & free time activities at The Méridien