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Les Assises partners gather on multi-solutions demonstration space!

Discover the themes of the sessions:

"Think like a SOC"

For 3 demonstration sessions based on major market solutions, we invite you to rethink how you face the threats of today and tomorrow.

Démo 1 : SentinelOne/Splunk/Proofpoint

How can you react to a targeted phishing attack? Do your teams manage to effectively cope with multitude of information reported by the many pieces of equipment in your infrastructure? And if you automated some of these tasks? We propose to translate these cases of emergency into a multi-publisher solution in order to appropriately target flaws and reduce your reaction time.

Démo 2 : CrowdStrike/Forescout/Splunk/Tenable

Your security teams manage increasingly complex environments with a wide variety of devices connected to the network? If they are not detected the compromised devices can be used as launching pads to access sensitive information and have a significant business impact.
We propose to show you how to benefit from consolidated visibility of managed and unmanaged devices. Optimize endpoints security hygiene and identify attack indicators for all types of devices and their networks both via your EDR and your vulnerability scanner.
A global scenario but two points of view: a vulnerability point of view and an EDR point of view.

Démo 3 : Forcepoint - DLP oriented technology ecosystem

Companies have to deal with more and more data. How to classify them quickly and how to analyze them in order to avoid data theft or avoid a flaw in the infrastructure?
We propose to show you how dynamic data protection with Forcepoint allows you to identify and investigate entities that pose a potential risk to critical data and assets.

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