10 October - 6:00pm Plenary conference

Matthew Tordeur, Adventurer, member of the Society of French Explorers (SEF).

At 27, Matthieu Tordeur already has a decade of traveling around the world. By bike, ski, foot, solex, sailing or kayaking he has traveled the Atlantic Ocean, North Korea, Iraq, Patagonia, Pakistan, and Antarctic ... With 90 countries on the clock his passport looks like an atlas. These expeditions have their share of risks and the question of security punctuates each stage of his extraordinary human adventures. From the conception of a trip to its realization in the field, the scenarios confront the reality. How to prepare for the uncertain and deal with the unexpected? A real life lesson given by a young man, who made the world his favorite place to walk.

Who is Matthieu Tordeur ?

Matthieu Tordeur is an adventurer, member of the French Explorers’ Society. 
He has completed over 10 expeditions through deserts, mountains, oceans and rivers in 90 countries. He has driven around the world in a Renault 4 to promote microfinance, run 6 marathons back to back in the Sahara, a marathon in North Korea, cycled across Europe (twice) and sailed the Atlantic. 
On January 13th 2019, he became the first French and the youngest in the world to reach the South Pole, solo, unassisted and unsupported. 
Always travelling with his camera, he shares his adventures through photography, books and documentaries.