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11 October – 9:00am Keynote PROOFPOINT

Ryan Kalember, Executive Vice President, Cybersecurity Strategy

Why Cybercriminals Know More About Your Employees Than You Do?

Today, cybercriminals identify employees with access to the information they want and target them in highly-sophisticated, individually-crafted attacks. These targets are known as VAPs (Very Attacked People) and they may not be who you would expect. Ryan Kalember, Executive Vice President of Cybersecurity Strategy at Proofpoint discusses how attackers are leveraging two of the most powerful information tools—LinkedIn and Google—to conduct reconnaissance on potential individuals to target. Armed with this social media-based research, attackers often know more about your employees than you do.

Who is Ryan Kalember? 

Ryan Kalember Proofpoint

With 20 years of experience in the information security industry, Mr. Kalember currently leads cybersecurity strategy for Proofpoint and is a sought-out expert for leadership and commentary on breaches and best practices. His global team of security experts ensures that Proofpoint’s customers have consistent insight into the attacks that target their people and the best defences they can implement to mitigate them.