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12 October – 4.00pm Keynote FORCEPOINT

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Nico Fischbach, CTO

Is adaptive risk protection the future of cybersecurity?

Despite sophisticated solutions, detection of hacking can take weeks or even months. In this context, companies are entitled to ask questions about the trust to be given to the various products they deploy and their ability to protect their data. But for their part, can security professionals rely on their employees to do the right thing?

Nicolas Fischbach, Global CTO of Forcepoint, exchanges daily with companies from different countries on the fragility of trust between supplier and end user - but also between employer and employee. Based on this knowledge of the field, he will lay out the need for a new approach to security, which is not based exclusively on data protection technologies but is also focused on the human. This new type of cybersecurity is called adaptive risk protection and should help security professionals detect, analyze and respond quickly to anomalies. Managing security protocols with fine granularity, down to the individual, allows organizations to customize the answer based on the level of risk that the company is willing to accept. Conference participants will be able to provide their opinion and opinion on the subject through a live survey. The results delivered in real time will be commented by Nico Fischbach.


Who is Nicolas Fischbach ? 

As ForcePoint Global CTO, Nicolas Fischbach drives the vision of the company. In particular, he developed the Forcepoint Human Point System. He is responsible for Forcepoint Innovation Labs and plays a key role in developing brand leadership. Nicolas Fischbach leads a team of solution architects from Human Point and CISO present in the field. It also sponsors university R & D partnerships and Raytheon technology transfers. Previously, Nicolas Fischbach led Forcepoint's first cloud transformation as a technical director for the company's cloud security business. Prior to joining Forcepoint, Nicolas spent 17 years at Colt, a global B2B services provider, as a senior network engineer and responsible for strategy, architecture and innovation. Nicolas Fischbach holds a Master's degree in Networking and Computer Science from UPMC, a Master's degree in Computer Science and a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from the Robert Schuman University Institute of Technology. He is also a member of the Honeynet Project, a research organization dedicated to Internet security.