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  1. 1 Les Assises FAQ

1. Les Assises FAQ

What is the Assises philosophy? Fermer

« Les Assises de la Sécurité et des Systèmes d’Information » is the reference event for ISS.

This successful mix of business, conferences and a professional trade show is the fruit of a shared philosophy.

Assises participants come in a spirit of sharing, discussion and meeting. They are eager to meet their counterparts and experts and all those who make the market and set trends.

This philosophy makes for easy discussions and constant networking.

In addition to respecting the participation charter, we expect you to conduct yourself in a proper and professional manner.

You also contribute to creating the Assises' spirit!

Why have a participation charter?  Fermer

As part of the logic of the event's philosophy, we ask all participants to commit to participate actively: to register for workshops and make appointments for one-to-one meetings.

How do I become an exhibitor partner of the Assises? Fermer

Just contact our sales department: [email protected]
But please note that spaces are limited and in great demand.

How do I become a press partner or an influencer of the Assises ?  Fermer

If you have a medium related to ISS (newspaper, magazine, website's, blog, etc.),
If you have a solid LinkedIn or Twitter following, contact us: [email protected]

How do I become a speaker or submit a topic? Fermer

Do you have unique experience? Does a topic seem relevant to you? Please, write to us about it:
[email protected]

How do I get invited to the Assises? Fermer

The Assises are intended specifically for IS managers, CISO, BU directors and related functions.

Participation applications are made via a form in which you explain your project.

This 100% business event is accessible only to sector professionals and by invitation only. The organiser reserves the right to cancel requests based on the profile and current projects.

Once an application has been accepted, it will be submitted to Assises partners. It may take two to four weeks to process your request.

For more information, please contact [email protected]

What are the major stages to participation in the Assises? Fermer

  • You receive an invitation e-mail with your access codes to your private area on the Assises website.
  • You confirm your participation and enter your personal data (registration deadline: 10 September)
  • You reserve your plane ticket via our dedicated platform (this is the only way to ensure you will be reimbursed up to €235 including VAT for your airfare) and check the timetable for our shuttle service

NB: If you plan to travel to the Assises by your own means, please let us know in the stay options item.

  • You register for workshops and conferences.
  • You select your strategic meetings (beginning the month of September)

What can I do if all of the workshops I want to attend are full? Fermer

Click on the "interested" button, which will ensure you receive the presentation after the event.
You can also request a meeting with the partner.

My hotel isn't mentioned in my invitation where do I find this information? Fermer

This information is given in your confirmation, which is sent by e-mail in late September, and on the home page of your back office.
No modifications or preferences can be made.

I haven't received my electronic plane ticket. Where do I find it? Fermer

Your eletronic plane ticket is available on your personal space.

Why doesn't my invitation cover the entire event? Fermer

Because of the limited number of spaces available in the various reception areas, we cannot satisfy all requests.

I've attended the Assises in the past. Why wasn't I invited this year? Fermer

Past attendance doesn't guarantee an invitation this year. Feel free to make a participation request; we will examine your application.

Is this event eligible as continuing education? Fermer

At the end of the event, we can issue you a certificate of attendance (workshop, conference, meeting attendance, etc.). You will need to contact your continuing education agency to check its validity.

Please send your certificate request to: [email protected]

What do I need to bring to the Assises ? Fermer

  • A valid piece of ID. You will need to present it both at the hotel and at the reception desk at the Grimaldi Forum.
  • Confirmation of your participation on your smartphone.
  • Daytime and evening wear: business wear (jacket, dress shoes, dress shirt)
  • Business cards

Is the event accessible to the handicapped? Fermer

The Grimaldi Forum and the hotels are all up to European standards as regards wheelchair accessibility, and will receive you to the best of their ability.

I was unable to attend the Assises. Can I still attend "Le Cercle"? Fermer

You need to know two things:

  • Each person who attends the Assises automatically becomes a member of “Le Cercle.”
  • If you were unable to attend the Assises but wish to stay in touch with the ISS community via the Cercle, please contact us and fill in the following questionnaire.

Once you are a member, you will be invited to all of our dinner debates throughout the year.