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Magazine committed to "working together to innovate faster", Alliancy selects for you testimonies, approaches, prospective visions and projects you into action.
Strategies, organization and management, place of the data, new IOT ecosystems, importance of the security, governance of the IS ... We will question these levers of the digital transformation to interest you in your daily life.
This magazine stimulates your curiosity, saves you time and gives you keys to success for the transformation of your business.

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BFM Business

01BUSINESSFORUM.FR is the leading media source dedicated to the corporate digital transformation. The site's new editorial line focusses on supporting the community with a new area dedicated entirely to forums and expert opinions. 01Business Forum covers all topics related to the digital transformation (cloud, connected objects, big data, social networks, cyber security, changes to IS, etc.). 01Business is a member of the NextRadioTV group. It serves anyone who wants to better understand and participate in the digital transformation of companies and the market. The site is the meeting place for decision-makers, entrepreneurs and professionals. It belongs to the BFMBUSINESS.FR site, the on-line economic, finance and technological information leader.



Created in September 2010, the Partenaire Média Publishing Group is the first French B to B press publisher totally dedicated to the information of the indirect distribution networks of the IT sector. Our willing is to guarantee the existence of a professional press essential to any economic sector and privileging the depth of information. The paper-based press allows this treatment from the moment it plays its role of consulting, discovering new trends and new sources of business development: the investigation and understanding of the markets and the technologies that support it remain a priority for the entire EDI team.
10 numbers per year, 2 special issues, website offering a Partner ZONE, business application "MyAgenda E.D.I" available under IOS, Android and Windows10.

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Global Security Mag

Global Security Mag is a quarterly magazine and website providing information in both French and English for logical and physical security professionals and data centres: CISO, Risk Managers, IS Directors, Network-Telecoms-Security Administrators, etc. and provide a continuous feed of free information in French and English on logical and physical security, storage and data centres. Each issue of the quarterly magazine features focusses in collaboration with top experts in the security world.
Subscriptions cost €51.00 (including 20 % VAT) for four issues.


IT Espresso is the reference site on current information technologies for small and medium-sized enterprises in general and young shoots in particular.

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IT Social

IT Social is a collaborative platform dedicated to the digital transformation of companies. IT Social brings to the fore the solutions of digital issues by stimulating the collective intelligence of IT and business decision-makers.
Every day, find our news, feedback, video interviews, collaborative infographies, etc.

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Le Journal du Net is the reference website for corporate decision-makers, receiving 2.7 million unique visitors each month. One of the most popular features on the site, JDN Web & Tech, is dedicated to the problems faced by IS Directors and CISO. It covers all the major topics related to information systems: steering, IT innovations for organisations, and all the major trends in the corporate IT sector.


Mag Securs

The reference media for information system security.

For the past ten years, MAG SECURS has worked to become the reference magazine on information system security (ISO standard, physical security, network security, security software tests and comparisons, network environment and protection, and the Cloud). Each quarter, MAG SECURS analyses the latest news in the information security world through its various columns:

• Expert testimonials

• Interviews with IS managers

• Features

• Alerts: attack analyses

• How-to articles on the implementation of complex solutions


S&D Magazine

Born 3 years ago, Security & Defense Magazine (S&D Magazine) fills an editorial gap in the security & defense continuum.
As a premium quarterly journal, it seeks to influence through a strong editorial line. It's a must have with contractors, influencers, manufacturers, companies, lobbying firms and major players in the security and defense sector as a quality media through which to communicate, discuss, criticize, persuade, argue, and maybe even shake up, with finesse and intelligence.
A bilingual and bi-media magazine including an interactive digital version, as well as a daily 2.0 version.
It combines the editorial and operational expertise of men and women specialists in aspects of security and defense as well as specialised & well known journalists.
In 2016, S&D Magazine produces talk videos called: Key meetings of security chain.



Website of the IT decision-makers, proposes every day a selection of articles, files and interviews on the information technologies, the telecommunications and the digital society.

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Solutions Numériques

Solutions Numériques informs decision-makers

This monthly magazine is ready by over 70 000 Directors/IT Managers/CISO and Senior Managers. It provides a technology watch on various IT sectors: infrastructure, networks and security, mobility and communications, software, etc. The interactive version is available for downloading free of charge.

The portal offers daily news, expert opinions, white papers, customer cases and videos. The weekly newsletter has some 60 000 IT subscribers. Corporate managers and BU directors (Finance, HR, etc.) have their own sites on the portal.