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The First multi-solutions demonstration area of ​​the event!

Several demonstration sessions will be played during the 3 days by 7 partners, in a dedicated space!

Register via your personal space at one of the two sessions!

Session 1 : Automatic deployment of a secure infrastructure in the cloud   
with Newlode, PaloAlto Networks, F5 Networks, Service Now 

How to support businesses in an era where the deployment of applications must be done in record time? How do we ensure that the security level of an application in the cloud will be equivalent to or better than what we do one-premise? Join our experts for a session dedicated to automatic deployment of the security protection of your assets, with a few additional bonuses (having an up-to-date CMDB without effort, managing vulnerabilities in a simple way,...)

Session 2 : Threat Hunting, recognition and automatic remediation
avec Newlode, SentinelOne, Proofpoint, Splunk

Are you getting more and more security alerts? Your teams can no longer cope effectively? You no longer have time to work on subjects vital to your cybersecurity? How about automating some of those time-consuming tasks? We will show you how to deal with use cases that concern you on a daily basis, and how to translate your "paper" investigation sheets into efficient multi-vendors solutions.