Monaco Cybersecurity Initiative

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A first at the Assises de la Sécurité: Monaco Cybersecurity Initiative!

Monaco Cybersecurity Initiative represents cybersecurity service providers in the Principality of Monaco.

You had the opportunity to meet with the expert members of the Monaco Cyber Security Agency and leaders in the IS, insurance and finance sectors.

Created on 23 December 2015, the Monaco Cyber Security Agency (AMSN) is the national authority responsible for the security of information systems in the Principality of Monaco. It consists of an expertise, response and processing centre that deals with security and cyber attacks for the State and for Critical Infrastructure Operators (OIV). Its role is to prevent, detect and respond to cyber attacks, lead and coordinate response to crisis situations, and raise awareness and promote adoption of security initiatives among public services and critical infrastructure operators. Rear Admiral Dominique Riban is the Director of the AMSN.

For practical information and recommendations.

Audit, consulting and cybersecurity services in the Principality of Monaco.